At Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre Mansfield, we know an MOT can be stressful. So, to help remove the worry and stress, we offer an affordable price of just £40 and a ‘while you wait’ service, to put your mind at ease.

If you’d rather not wait, we also offer a drop off service where you can drop your vehicle off 15 minutes before your allocated time and we’ll give you a call when your vehicle is ready for you to collect.

Ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and as efficiently as possible is essential. That is why Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre follow the strict industry standard service plan which includes two options, an interim service with 30-point check and a thorough full 50-point check!

At the end of every service, you’ll receive a copy of the service check list indicating all the checks that were carried out, which part have been replaced and what parts are ok and have passed our strict safety checks. This service check list will also include fluid levels, tyre tread depths, and much more.

All repairs are carried out by our highly experienced mechanics, using only the very best quality or original parts. All work carried is guaranteed, and all parts used are covered by a minimum of 12 months warranty for that extra peace of mind.

We know how being without a car disrupts daily life, or how not having the van to get to work can be frustrating. We work closely with many local parts suppliers which enable us to get parts quickly meaning less disruption and frustration for our customers.

We stock a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets. Our most popular brand of tyre is Radar a good quality low-cost tyre and for those who want a premium brand tyre we recommend Uniroyal Rain Expert, but with many more brands of tyres available, you will be spoiled for choice.

We also offer a professional tyre fitting service which includes tyre balancing for all types of rim both steel and alloy.

Having your wheels correctly aligned is very important for your vehicles handling and for your tyres. If your wheels are out of alignment your vehicle can pull to one side usually left. It can also cause your tyres to wear unevenly and excessively meaning, you must replace your tyres more frequently.

Here at Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre, we pride ourselves on making sure your vehicle it as safe as it possibly can be. We recommend a simple wheel alignment check once a year. Its inexpensive and could save you money and will cut back on unnecessary wheel changes.

Brakes are the most important feature on any vehicle and having them in perfect working order is essential. So, for brake checks or complete replacements you can count on us.

Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre always use the very best quality parts and for brakes we only fit Pagid or Brembo brake components and parts, ensuring we maintain the highest standards and quality.

Does your vehicle run on diesel? Then chances are you have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) depending on the year of your vehicle. Over time, these filters become clogged, and should be cleaned periodically to keep your vehicle running cleanly and avoid costly repairs.

Our DPF Clean service is carried out by our expert team using professional equipment.
Here at Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre, we are a Tech 4 carbon clean centre and are a part of the green garage network.

Warning lights on your dashboard, can be worrying. Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre have the latest diagnostic capabilities for Jaguar and Land Rover along with most other vehicle manufacturers. Our fully trained technicians will quickly identify the problem and advise you on the best resolution.

Using state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostic testing equipment combine with our professional training means we can assess the fault code and resolve the problem and advise on any necessary repairs.

At Titchfield Garage and MOT Centre, we use the latest equipment to check your vehicle air conditioning is working how it should, from full leak detection to air conditioning servicing.

We can check the pressure, gas levels, detect leaks and check the refrigerant level to ensure your air conditioning is working correctly. Call us today and make a booking.


We’ve a large selection of tyres for all shapes and sizes big and small.

And for the Colder months, we always recommend the use of Winter tyres to maximise safety and with a full range to choose from, keeping you safe is our main priority.

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